2016 Fishing Rates:


$550 / person / week



2016 Bear Hunting Rates:


$900 /  7 day hunt



License:  $241.61C


Export fee:  $35C


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Cabins Available:  


 cabin.tif (266868 bytes)          wpe14.jpg (23138 bytes)                   

  Moose                          Black Bear                     Caribou                             


Rates Include:  










What should you bring? 

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2015 Canadian License Fees 

(Purchased in town)


License Fee (Canadian)
Non-Canadian Resident Outdoors Card. Valid for three years. *  Annual license tags must be purchased.   $  9.68C
Non-resident Conservation (year)  $51.65C
Non-resident 8 day Conservation $30.53C
Non-resident Sport Fishing (year)  $83.27C
Non-resident 8 day Sport Fishing $53.54C
Non-resident member of an organized  camp $  6.26C



*Effective Jan. 1/09 anyone wishing to hunt or fish in Ontario will be required to have an Outdoors Card.  The card will cost $9.68 and be valid for 3 years.  Once the paper application has been completed, the Outdoors Card will be mailed to the purchaser's home address.


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