2015 Echo Lake Lodge Newsletter


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My, how time flies when you’re having fun!! Next year will be our 30th season at Echo Lake Lodge.  Each summer brings fond memories of the many friends who have visited Echo throughout the years, as well as brand new adventures of first time visitors.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our guests for their support of our dream.     


After crossing the border this spring on May 12th on our way to camp, we were rewarded with watching the Northern Lights all the way to Red Lake.  This summer many guests also had the opportunity to see elaborate displays of the Northern Lights. 


Visitors to camp this summer saw Cook Road was wider and brushed out.  The outpost cabin on Detour was renovated this spring.  It now has a new roof, windows, door, and counter top.  We also cleaned and painted the inside.  The outhouse now has a door with a window.  We opened the trail to No Name that has been closed for 2 years.  We put approximately 40 yards of gravel on the 4-wheeler trail and fixed the pump dock.


Four days after we opened camp we awoke to 28⁰ F and a snow-covered yard.  The weather improved after that and the rest of the summer and fall were very pleasant.  We left camp on September 21st in short sleeve shirts with a temperature of 76° F.     


Jasper Block took the first swim of the year on May 24th 2015.  Two days later, Dawson and Ladia Block went in, but not by choice.  Casey Kedrowski caught a snapping turtle with his secret killer bait.  Luckily, the turtle gave back his bait.  When Gary Kuchenbecker saw the beer cooler the Wolf Pack designed, all he could say was “Wow”.  Amanda Breuer was bummed after losing 2 jigs, but she got her green jig back when Stacy Shulfer filleted her northern.  Darryl Somers netted a 37” northern that was attacking Mary Somer’s walleye as she reeled it in.  Shawn Leonard came up to camp for the 1st time.  He used his dad’s pole and bait to catch a northern off the dock on his 1st cast.  Becky Kasperzak was excited to catch a 27” walleye, but even more excited when she caught a 31” walleye the very next day.  Gary Pribyl and Company caught 60+ walleye in one “honey hole” on Detour Lake.  Greg Krogwold will tell you he caught and released a 45’ Black Spruce on High Lake.  Jim Carey achieved the Echo Lake Grand Slam by shooting a 500# black bear and catching a walleye, northern and lake trout in the same week.  Barb Mueller’s homemade banana cake with cream cheese frosting was so good, it was like “a party in your mouth.”  On July 15th I officially declared “Rabbits Win” in my garden.  There was no chance to keep them out, but watch out next year, silly rabbits!!  The first annual Wolfpack Triathalon (horseshoes, kayak and swim) was held in August.  Guests found out some words of wisdom this summer:  “If it looks like rain, take your rain gear.  If it doesn’t look like rain, take your rain gear.”  Just ask Glen Henry or Johnny Shulfer.  One of the sincerest (and most unique) compliment we ever received came from Gary Kasperzak:  I can tell how much you care about Echo by the way you stack your woodpile.  



Congrats to these fishermen and hunters:


Walleye:  31” & 27” Becky Kasprzak (Detour), 30” Doug Eggers (No Name), 29” Joe Ostrowski (No Fish), 29” Tom Ehr (Detour), 28” Jake Eggers (No Name), 27” Glen Henry (Detour), 27” John Shulfer (Detour)

Northern:  42” & 37” Mary Somers (High), 42” Steve Ihns (Underbrush), 41½“ Tim Ostrowski (High), 41” Wayne Gizzi (Underbrush), 41” Curt Klinkner (Detour), 40” & 38” Jack Rasmussen (Detour)

Lake Trout:  28” and 27” Charley Whitmarsh, 26” Ken Kedrowski, 25” John Ehr, 25” Dexter Block, 25” & 24" Wayne Gizzi, 25” Jim Carey, 24” Casey Kedrowski, 24” Corky Filtz, 24” Jack Rasmussen, 23½“ Gerald Murray

Black Bear:  Jim Carey 500+# boar with crossbow;  Kurt Adamski 300# sow with rifle;  Jared Dombrowski 250# boar with bow;  Nate Shulfer 225# boar with bow;  Michael Ehr 200# boar with rifle


With the rising cost of beer and alcohol in Canada, some guests have been taking advantage of the lower prices at Duty Free before crossing the border.  Get more information and hours of operation at:  www.dutyfreeamericas.com  


We are now taking reservations for the 2016 season.  As always, our mailing list guests have first priority to make reservations, so we encourage you to reserve your trip to Echo Lake Lodge as soon as your group has finalized plans.  Our rates include boat, motor, and unlimited gas.  We request that you put 50% down within 2 weeks of making your reservation and send the balance by May 1, 2016. 


From the Wisconsin Loon’s Nest,

Tom & Mitzi