2007 Echo Lake Lodge Newsletter


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The 2007 season started out rainy.  When Tom left Wisconsin in mid May, it was warm and dry, but by the time he arrive in Red Lake, it was cool and raining.  It stayed cool and continued to rain through June.  In those seven weeks, the Red lake area had more precipitation than it usually gets all year.  According to Pam at Four Seasons Sport Shop in Ear Falls, “There were only 7 days of sunshine in the first 7 weeks of summer.”  One day when we were in town, Tom inquired about the forecast for the weekend and was told, “Horrible!” 


All that rain caused a few problems, long grass, wet portages and “prop collisions” with usually visible rocks, but there were also the positives.  There were fewer forest fires and it was a great summer for berries.  Guests enjoyed picking all the blueberries and raspberries they wanted.  Chris Ostrowski figured out that it takes approximately 2,000 blueberries to make one pie.  Thanks to Gerry Conner we now have a recipe for “Bead Lily Pie.”


The lodge kitchen windows look and work so good that Mitzi approved the replacement of the six front windows.  After some chain saw construction, the new windows were installed.  They will help keep the bugs out and fresh air flowing in.  


Jenny Geiken (who insists she is not compulsive) says there are 2,080 steps on the Detour portage.  She only counted them three times.  Thanks to the Fall Portage Crew the walk across the swamps is greatly improved.  Emma Karst, who accompanied her dad and 4 uncles, caught “cute fish.”  Joe Kok and his group compiled 100 rules you need to know to become a successful fisherman.  “Rule #68: If a snag moves, it’s a fish.”  Tony Fischer’s group videotaped a painted turtle laying eggs on the path to Moose.   


Every season fishing seems to improve, with this year being no exception.  Large fish as well as many different age classes were caught.  A sincere thank you to everyone who practices “catch and release” and is careful in handling and releasing fish.  We would like to recognize these anglers for the nice fish they caught.   Northern:  40” Leon Kubiak, 40” Craig Heaverlo, 38” Jeff Parker, 37” Jake Eggers   Walleye:  30” Sherri Evans, 29” Ben Villars, 29” Scott Meyer     Lake Trout:  30” Brian Spangler, 24½” Ken Sadogierski, 24½” Doug Eggers.  Also, a special thank you goes out to all the anglers who provided the delicious “shore lunch” fish.  Everyone agreed that northern without ‘Y’ bones taste great.


This year’s bear hunt was very successful with each hunter having several bear coming into the bait.  The hunters were patient and as a result, were able to harvest excellent trophy boars.  275# Matt Lueneburg, 275# Jon Kirsling, 450# Jim Carey  Jim also videotaped an aggressive sow while her cub was only a few feet away.  The following night he taped a 600# boar. (It’s still there!)  We wish Jack Dudley a speedy recovery and hope he will be able to reschedule his bear hunt in 2008. 


All 3 of our children were in camp the same week with Karen celebrating her 24th birthday at Echo.  They have always loved spending the summer in Canada.  Unfortunately, their careers will not allow them to take over the management of camp in the future.  Consequently, we are beginning to search for someone who is interested in taking over for us in the future.  We hope the right individual or group will be environmentally responsible and continue the historic traditions of Echo Lake.  If you or someone you know is interested, please contact us.      


As always, our mailing list guests have priority to make reservations for Summer 2008.  We encourage you to reserve your trip to Echo Lake Lodge as soon as your group has finalized their plans.   We require that you put 50% down within 2 weeks of making your reservation and send the balance by May 1, 2008.  Please note that we have moved and our address and e-mail has changed. 

Thank you for choosing Echo Lake Lodge for your Canadian vacation.  Remember to send us your favorite pictures so we can post some of them on our web site.  We wish all of you a healthy and safe holiday season. 


From the Wisconsin Loon’s Nest,

Tom & Mitzi