The Main Lodge

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Echo Lake Lodge: photo of oil painting by Spencer Anderson     

  Lodge 1966     This is a photo of 

  an oil painting by Spencer Anderson




lodge.jpg (19382 bytes)                                                                                                                            

The lodge in 1998.


LodgePorch.jpg (23815 bytes)

Addition of the porch in 1999.


newlodge.jpg (114025 bytes)

The lodge in 2000.


The lodge foundation was completed during the summer of 2002 and the outside walls were chinked on the inside to keep the bugs out.

2003     Exterior of lodge is completed!

  Logs stained, windows painted and a new roof!

DollHouse.JPG (94284 bytes)

New equipment and storage shed built in 2000.

"Cushion Shack" new in 2003. Replaces the "ice storage" shed.

wpe1C.jpg (51568 bytes)

The New Kitchen!!  2005

wpe1E.jpg (42603 bytes)

New refrigerators!

wpe24.jpg (93708 bytes)

No mosquitoes!!