2014 Echo Lake Lodge Newsletter


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Winter had a tight grip on the weather again this spring.  On our way to camp, Highway 105 was flooded near Buller Creek and there was ice on lakes as far south as Cedar Lake.  We had to cut 9-10 trees off the 4-wheeler trail, but it was nothing compared to last year.  The end of May was seasonably cold.  The ice on Red Lake did not go out until May 23, which was a few days short of a new record.


June and July were cool and rainy, the perfect combo for black flies and mosquitoes.  All the rain caused the beaver ponds to rise.  And, sure enough, several dams broke, washing out roads.  Long-legged Road was out for 2 weeks as they filled a 60’ wide by 30’ deep washout.  The Murray and Kuchenbecker group had to wait more than 8 hrs for Hwy 608 (Red Lake to Madsen) to reopen after a 30’ wide by 15’ deep washout was filled with a new culvert and gravel.  


August was nice, but temperatures were below season averages.  September was cold and the leaves turned yellow early.  Then, summer arrived!  The last group got into camp September 19th hoping to have a great week of Lake Trout fishing.  It was 76 degrees and only got warmer, up to the high 80’s.  Needless to say, the Lake Trout were still deep, but the Northern and Walleye were really active. 


Kevin Konkol caught 3 personal best fish.  He caught a 28” and 28½” Walleye on the same day, and a 38” Northern.   The first swim of the season was on July 7th by Ben Ostrowski.  After getting a 30/30 for his 10th birthday, Nate Hamblin shot his first deer.  He used it 28 years later to harvest his first black bear.  Overheard in camp:  John Melum said, “I think we need a bigger net” even though their net was as big as Greg Melum.  When Mitzi caught the first walleye on Detour, Tom said, “Oh, it must not have seen my bait.”  When asked if he’d like to sit down, Kevin Konkol said, “No, I’ll stand” after 6 days of sitting in a boat.  Tom built a smoker to fit over the BBQ pit.  Several guests enjoyed smoked Northern and Lake Trout this summer.  Charley Whitmarsh said that smoked Trout was the best he’s ever had! 


We would like to send out a special “Thank You” to Darryl and Mary Somers for watching camp two weeks while we were away attending our daughter, Karen’s, wedding.  Upon returning, we asked if we were missed.  The reply was very simple: “No.”    :-]  


Congrats to these fishermen:

Walleye:  30½” Gary Dusil (Black Beaver), 30” John Melum (Detour), 29” Ben Ostrowski (No Fish), 28½” and 28” Kevin Konkol (Detour), 26½” Ben Ostrowski (Detour), 26” Jack Rasmussen (Detour), and 26” Keith Schears (Detour).

Northern:  41” Dan Hanson (Detour), 38” Kevin Konkol (Underbrush), 38” Tom Ehr (Call), 37” Dan Hanson (1-Black Beaver, 1-Detour), 36”, 34”, 31” Gary Domaszek (2-Underbrush, 1-High).

Lake Trout: 32” Rob Glodowski (Call Lake), and on Underbrush Lake:  26½” Gerald Murray, 26” Jeff Theige, 25½” John Melum (2), 25” John Melum, 24” James MacFarlane V, 24” Tom Ehr, 23½” Gary Kuchenbecker, 23” Mitzi Ehr.


The Bear hunting season was successful despite some adverse weather conditions.  Every hunter saw bear on their bait and had the opportunity to harvest a bear.  Matt Kolling chose to video tape a cinnamon colored sow on 3 different nights.  Congrats to our Black Bear hunters:   300# boar Nate Hamblin, 150# boar Justin McGill, 150# boar Bob Wall.


The Loon’s Nest finally got a brand new ‘mosquito proof’ porch this summer.  Check out the pictures on the website.  We also started clearing trees that were damaged by the 2012 storm.  This gives you a better view of the lake from the houses.  The Pribyl group was at the Outpost Cabin on Detour at the right time to detect a few leaks in the roof.  So, the first project for next spring will be some upgrades on the cabin, beginning with a new roof.      


With the rising cost of beer and alcohol in Canada, some guests have been taking advantage of the lower cost at Duty Free before crossing the border.  Get more information and hours of operation at:  www.dutyfreeamericas.com  


We are now taking reservations for the 2015 season.  As always, our mailing list guests have first priority to make reservations, so we encourage you to reserve your trip to Echo Lake Lodge as soon as your group has finalized plans.  Our rates include boat, motor, and unlimited gas.  We request that you put 50% down within 2 weeks of making your reservation and send the balance by May 1, 2015. 


From the Wisconsin Loon’s Nest,

Tom & Mitzi