2004 Echo Lake Lodge, LLP Newsletter

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Dear Friends of Echo Lake,

Environment Canada has confirmed that the summer of 2004 was the coolest and wettest summer in Northwestern Ontario’s history.  The Arctic region to the north had the second coldest year in 56 years.  These Arctic lows brought cold winds down from Hudson Bay to the provinces in central Canada, including Echo Lake.  The first 70° F day was June 16th and it never reached 90° F all summer.  We started fires in the wood stove for heat throughout June, July and August.  This sure cleaned up a lot of old firewood in camp. 


Because of this extreme weather, the blueberries were really late this year!  The first real picking was August 5th, even though some guests found a few for pancakes a couple of days before that.  There were very few raspberries and most of them were knocked off the plants by two windy, rainy days.     


Water levels got so high this fall that the boat dock was floating and became damaged.  It might need to be replaced next spring.  The wind tore the plane dock from shore and sent it down into the bay.     


The reconstruction on the Main Lodge is basically done.  All of the structural improvements have been completed and the chinking is almost done.  Next year it is our intention to complete the lodge kitchen with cabinets, counter top, stove, refrigerator and freezer.  We will have the food vacuum packer in the lodge for all to use.  The fireplace will be ready for use and we are planning on having a VCR and TV available so you can watch your favorite movies at night.  Black Bear has new front and back porches as well as a new roof.  Caribou has a new front porch, new stove and we are currently working on the foundation.  Cabin #5 was completely cleaned up this summer.   


Despite the bad weather fishing was good and the majority of our guests were able to catch their limits early in the week.  Largest fish awards go to: 

Walleye - Kenneth Sabotta 8# 12oz.,   28”       and Jim Jones 28”      

NorthernRandy Dusil  38”                    Lake TroutJim Weeks  27”



Black Bear hunters were very successful this season.  Six boar and one sow were harvested, four of them over 250#.  Brandon Budsberg’s bear was 79” and Randy Luendtke’s bear was 76”.  Both bear were greater than 300# and both were shot with a bow.  Don Gonring shot a nice chocolate brown bear with a cinnamon stripe down its back.  It was also shot with a bow.


Our Wednesday night Camp Fish Fry in the lodge was a success.  Most groups participated and commented about how much they enjoyed the evening of good food and conversation. 


Thank you to Mark Ipsan and Midwest Equipment for the light fixtures.  Also, thanks to Karen Stelk for the chocolate chip cookies.  Every time Tom sat in front of the fire having a cookie, the wind was blowing 30 mph with driving rain!  We’re sure Al and group still had a great time canoeing in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park.   


We were happy to meet Jeff Enns, a Green Bay Packer fan from Manitoba.  Mike Bickle tried to start a motor without a gas can.  It sure would help us save on gas if you can get it to work, Mike.  Mark and Richard (alias Lewis and Clark) canoed to the outpost at 9:30 pm to give the rest of their group a ‘bear scare.’  They ended up carrying rocks back in a cooler as ‘pay back!!’  Jerry Haight and group win the prize for bravery… bringing a 28-foot motor home down the gravel road from Ear Falls.


This season’s Clean Cabin Award goes to all our guests this year.  Areas of improvement are the kitchen stove and the bathrooms.  Because of your help, we are keeping our booking week from Saturday to Saturday. 


We are saddened to inform you that the local trapper, Tom Cameron, passed away last February.  The future of his cabin is unknown but we are hopeful his son will maintain it and continue to keep the beaver population in check. 


As always, our mailing list guests have first priority to make reservations for Summer 2005.  We encourage you to reserve your trip to Echo Lake Lodge as soon as your group has finalized their plans.  Rates have increased for the 2005 season, so please check the new rate sheet.  We require that you put 50% down within 2 weeks of making your reservation and send the balance by May 1, 2005. 


Thanks again for the memories and for your business.  Remember to send us your pictures so we can post some of them on our web site.  Wishing all of you a healthy and safe holiday season. 


From the Wisconsin Loon’s Nest,

Tom & Mitzi