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November, 2000


Dear Friends of Echo Lake,


It's hard to believe our millennium 2000 summer is over.  It went so fast.  Our season brought many highlights including the renovation and relocation of Log Cabin #3.  It was the original homestead cabin at Echo Lake.  In its new location next to the plane dock, it will stand as a fond reminder of log cabin living in the past.  The cabin replaces the old gas shack and will be used for equipment storage in the winter.  We also continued restoration of the main lodge by building a 24 foot stone wall foundation under the east wall.  You can see pictures of these projects on our website.  We have continued to improve the 4-wheeler portage trail to the parking lot as well as brushing out behind the houses and around camp.  The water heater sheds have new roofs. 


This summer we were without the assistance of our sons, Dave and Dan.  They both joined the National Guard and completed basic training this summer.  Therefore, all of our projects would not have been possible (or as enjoyable) without the help of our friends.  Special thanks to Dave Moeller, who spent 2 1/2 months of his first year of retirement helping with camp projects.  Thanks also to John, Bill, Howard, Larry, Mark, Jay, Fatty, Nici and Roxanne for their help during the week at camp.  Thanks to Tom and Deb Sabotta for helping with the tree that went down in a storm and the warm sourdough bread we found on our table when we go up one morning!  (Yum!)  Gary Pribyl and Everett Krug really helped make the brush cleanup go fast.  Thanks to everyone else who helped with the many trees that went down on the portages and in camp.  Thanks to Gary Pribyl and group for shuffling boats between Rocky and Tabonje.  Thanks to Tom and Rosie Frank for the newspapers and for giving Karen a ride home.  Thanks to all of our friends, old and new, who helped make our 2000 season the best yet. 


It was with great sadness that we said good-by to some very dear friends of Echo Lake.  This season saw the passing of Hank and Marcy Faess, founders of Echo Lake Lodge.  Upon completion, the Main Lodge will be dedicated to them as a lasting memory of their hard work, dedication and love of Echo Lake Lodge.  We also lost a dear friend and 'many time' guest, Jack (Rocky) Miller.  One of Rocky's favorite lakes was 'Rocky.'  We will remember him by dedicating it 'Rocky (Miller) Lake.'  We extend our deepest sympathy to family members and friends.  Memories of them will always live on at Echo Lake Lodge. 

Dennis Ives, Ron and Al Lucas witnessed the highest water level of Underbrush Lake in recent history.  The water was over the top of the boat dock so they had to dock at the plane dock all week.  Mike Kennan's group was lucky they left early because the weather got worse the next day.   No one experienced as poor weather conditions as Eric Melum's group.  The weather was extremely poor (rain, wind, cold).  On Wednesday, they asked if the weather could get any worse and, sure enough, on Friday, June 16th, it snowed with accumulations on the ground!  They braved the weather and went fishing anyway!  Howard Groshek proved that the 'Canadian Experience' can make 'any beer' taste great.  "This is really a good beer."   


Although caribou sightings were down, several moose, bear and timber wolf were sighted.  Nici Trinkner's blueberry pie was yummy, and Christa Krug makes the best 'Prest'in' pie!    This year's awards:  Endurance Award goes to Eric Melum's group for putting up with Mother Nature's tricks.  Polar Bear Award goes to Gene Dubbin for his midnight dip on Sept. 21 with a beautiful display of Northern Lights overhead.  Clean Cabin Awards go to Mike Kennan and Tom & Deb Sabotta.  Awards for largest fish go to:  Gary Pribyl  - Walleye: 8# 8 oz., 28in.; Kim Gackstatter - Northern:  16 1/2 #, 41 1/2 in.;  and Jamie Gerken - Lake Trout:  13 1/2 #, 32 in.  Patience Award goes to Debbie Lindeman for patiently waiting to see the 'wolverine' which turned out to be a raccoon.  Guests who traveled the farthest were Richard Ryan (Indiana), Kim Gackstatter and Lester Sterling (California).  Artist Award goes to Elaine Hilliard for her accurate, detailed picture of the exotic species of fish she caught on Detour Lake.


Poor weather in May and June contributed to lower numbers of fish caught, but overall fishing continues to improve thanks to conservation minded fishermen who continue to practice catch and release.  Speaking of catch and release, we have finally come to an agreement with the Ministry of Natural Resources as it pertains to our lakes less that 250 acres.  Anglers will be allowed one walleye and one northern per visit to a maximum of 40 of each species per year.  If a walleye is kept, a northern must also be taken.


What a lovely sight (on July 31st) to see a group of 9 loons swimming in the channel in front of the Loons Nest.  Both the loons and the gulls left camp before Tom did this fall, but he did have the company of a misplaced raccoon the last couple of weeks in camp.  It was the first confirmed raccoon near Red Lake known to the Ministry of Natural Resources.  September 20th was the first frost with ice in the boats.


We have already received many inquiries for Summer 2001, so you are encouraged to reserve your week at Echo Lake Lodge as soon as you make plans.  Rates will remain the same for the 2001 season.  We require that you put 1/2 down to hold your reservation with the remainder due by May 1, 2001.


From the Wisconsin Loon’s Nest,

Tom, Mitzi, Dave, Dan, Karen and Bandit  J 




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