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December 1999


Dear Friends of Echo Lake,


Seasons Greetings to all of you and thanks for another great year at Echo Lake Lodge.  We enjoyed having many of you visit us this past summer and look forward to seeing you next year. 


Congratulations to Bill Krejca for the largest walleye (9#, 28”), to Marcus Finch for the largest northern (18#, 40.5”) and to Jeff Theige for the largest lake trout (12#, 32”).  Jeff mounted his trout but both Bill and Marcus released their trophies.  Thanks to them and everyone who helps improve fishing at Echo by practicing catch and release.  Also, congratulations to David Moeller on his successful fall black bear hunt (250#). 


Speaking of black bear, a lot has changed regarding bear hunting since our last newsletter.  Shortly before we went to the sport show last January we received news that all spring bear hunts were officially cancelled.  This came as a big surprise to us, especially since we had already booked hunters for the ’99 season and beyond.  Recent information from the MNR does not look hopeful that the spring hunt will be reinstated (ever.)  We had one fall bear hunter this fall, and hope to have others hunt next season to control the population.  We know that the bear like soda (especially Mountain Dew and Diet Coke) since our cooler was raided while picking berries.  Anyone interested in a fall black bear hunt, please contact us.  The season opens September 1st and we are willing to work out hunt details with you on an individual or group basis.


June was cold (50’s), windy and rainy.  6 inches of rain closed Hwy 105 from Vermillion Bay until noon on 6-26-99.  Summer finally arrived in the middle of July.  Moose sightings were up and caribou sightings were down, probably due to logging.  Black Ice was preferred over Dry Ice although “Blue” seemed to be the most popular color.  Berry crop was good, especially the raspberries.  Lyle Updike’s Raspberry Cordial recipe (yum!) gives me yet another good reason to pick more raspberries. 


 Visitors to Echo will find a new water tower for Moose, Black Bear and Caribou, (This one should last until Dave, Dan and Karen’s kids can replace it!), a new septic system for Moose, and a new approach to the floating plane dock.  Tom built shelves and moved the refrigerator in Moose so the stove will no longer heat up the refrigerator.  Restoration continues on the main lodge (leveling, new steps and a deck on the front, and a field stone wall to support the lodge on the front.)  We completed construction of new state-of-the-art horseshoe pits.  We’re ready to host the first annual Canadian Professional Horseshoe Tournament Tour.


The Rolling Stone Award goes to Tom Sabotta for making 2 trips to Detour and 1 trip to Tabonje…in one day!!  Injuries this season include:  Roger Mittenzwei reported a blister on his thumb from running the motor.  Several adults were caught by hook and line and later released.  The season of ’99 will be remembered as the “Year of the Fish Hook.”  Thanks to Rosie Frank we were able to remove hooks from various guests without having to send them into town.  (Sorry about your new Austin Power’s hat, Krio!)  Luckily Bob Houck’s hook only went through his pants—it might have been a delicate place to practice our new “5 step hook removal” procedure.  Brian King caught a perch and a clam at the same time on a worm harness.  Bob (“Bam” “Copy”) Houck and his group went “wide open” all week.  Kathy Ehr had a northern strike at a walleye on her hook as she reeled it in near the surface next to the boat.  Brett King brought in some very interesting live green glow-in-the-dark worms.  Too bad the fish didn’t seem to think they were so neat.  Bob and Amy Hartenberger returned to Echo Lake Lodge after over 25 years.   


Special thanks to Jim Trebatoski for the super job he did on the water tower.  His engineering and construction knowledge ensures us of plenty of water for those hot showers.  Thanks to Lowell and Lance Klessig for helping take out 4 beaver dams on the creek to Black Beaver, Lyle Updike for helping get sand for our new horseshoe pits, Randy Kraemer for portaging wood for the new water tower,  Eric and Kenneth Sabotta for helping portage the Naden back to camp from High Lake, Nate Krejca for fixing the air compressor, Roger Mittenzwei for the homemade sauerkraut and pickles, and Gary Derby for mailing Dan’s postcard to his girlfriend.  Also, special thanks to Dave Moeller for helping me with the stone wall footing that should help preserve the lodge for many more generations. The plan is to complete the front center and possibly the NW corner next year (if we can find any rocks.)  I am sure glad that I choose a career other than a mason! 


We had many adventurous guests this summer.  Lowell, Lyle, Lance and Dave spent 6 days canoeing in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, as did Brian Stadtherr, Ben, Heather and Ryan Nieters.  Dave Roeske and Shannon Hoppman blazed a trail from Call Lake to camp using their GPS.  (I bet that will never be accomplished again!!)   


’99 Clean Cabin Awards go to Mike Kennan and Dave Wrasse, Lori Shutte, Scott Steiber, Bob Hartenberger, John Ehr, Bill Ehr and Brad Thein.  Thanks!


We are now taking reservations for the 2000 season on a first come, first served basis.  We require 50% down payment within 2 weeks in order to guarantee your week.  The balance is due by May 1, 2000.  We either lost the mailing list or it's locked in the computer and we can't get it out.  So, needless to say, this newsletter will not find all of our friends.  Therefore, we are asking that every one of you share your letter with someone you know would like to or should be receiving it.  Please send those names and addresses to us so we can add them to our new mailing list in our new computer that has a new data base program.  We thank you in advance for your assistance.    


We will be attending the 12 Apostles Musky Club Sports Show in January at the Stevens Point Holiday Inn.  Stop by our booth and see us.  We look forward to talking with you and answering any other questions you may have about a trip to Echo or to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park.  You can also visit our web site at: www.echolakelodge.com  or e-mail us at:  tehr@echolakelodge.com 


From the Wisconsin Loon’s Nest,

Tom, Mitzi, Dave, Dan, Karen and Bandit  J